Established: 2001




In 1979, a sports committee was formed at the Bahrain International Mobility Centre. As the number of players with different impairments began to emerge, the need arose to establish a disabled sports federation to manage national teams locally and internationally.




Athletes who are able to perform in different disability categories (mobility, visual, auditory, mental). Approximately 1000 athletes with disabilities benefit from the federation programs in addition to a large number of families of People with Impairments in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


  • Support and develop Paralympic sports and enable Para athletes to take part in competitive sports.
  • Participate in local, regional and international competitions.
  • Provide an opportunity for the disabled athletes to integrate with others in the community.
  • Set up recreational programs for athletes with impairments and their families.



A review of the law of associations, social and cultural clubs, private bodies working in the field of youth and sports, and private institutions issued by Legislative Decree No. 21 in 1989 and its amendments was conducted. Following the regulations of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the unified regulations of all Sports Federations as well as the recommendations made by the Secretary-General, the following decision was made:

The Board of Directors for the Bahrain Disabled Sports Federation will be reconstituted in its new session under the chairmanship of Shaikh Sultan bin Duaij Al Khalifa and the membership of each of the following:

Board of Directors
1Ali Mohammed Haji Husain
2Jasim Jamal Mohammed Ibrahim Bardooli
3Ali Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Nabhan
4Ahmed Khalid Ali Al Araifi
5Nader Ahmad Alshaikh Abdulla Mohamed
6Shaikha Hamdi Ebrahim Alshaiba
7Hanan Abdullah Husain Hasan
8Abdulla Abdulaziz Mohamed Alhussaini