Established: 1990




In 1968, the Special Olympics was accredited as an international organization. In 1990, the Special Olympics Bahrain was established, the first official external participation was in 1991.




The Special Olympics is a sports movement that leads to the formation of a global network surrounded by the affairs of people with intellectual disabilities in all its classifications only (intellectual disability, cognitive delay, developmental disability, learning difficulties, limited comprehension and adaptation skills, Down syndrome, autism). The mission of the Special Olympics Bahrain is to Provide sports training and competitions throughout the year in a variety of Olympic sports, with the total of 32 sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.


  • Giving athletes continuous opportunities to develop their physical fitness and to demonstrate their courage
  • Create an appropriate atmosphere for athletes to feel happy while practicing in sports
  • Participating with others in celebrating their talents, skills, and helping them to integrate and form friendships with all sectors of society.
  • Participation in Local, Gulf, Arab and international tournaments and competitions.


The Board of Directors for the Special Olympics Bahrain was formed under the chairmanship of Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the membership of the following:

Board of Directors
1 Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa  President
2 Ali Mohamed Al Majed Vice President
3 Wafeeqa Khalil Jamal National Director
4 Majeed Al Majed Member
5 Nadya Eqab Member
6 Marekh Akbar Shafiee Member
7 Abdulla Al Medfaa Member
8 Abdulla Aref Athletes Representative  
Executive Board Members  
1 Wafeeqa Khalil jamal National Director
2 Redha Ahmed Sabt Sport Director 
3 Hussain Al Shahabi Initiatives Director 
4 Khawla Al Bosmait Health Committee Coordinator 
5 Muneer Al Shahabi Athlete Leadership Coordinator 
6 Hakem Hameed Al Enzi Youth Committee Coordinator 
7 Nazek Hussain Marhoon Family Committee Coordinator 
8 Khulood Al Fulaiti  Volunteers Committee Coordinator 
9 Eman Al Watani Siblings Committee Coordinator